Air Quality Testing Programs

Breathing Air Systems offers CSA/SCC certified air analysis to meet your needs for CSA Z180.1 conformance.

We offer:
Breathing Air Analysis
Semi-Annual Test Program
    -(2 Tests per Year)
Breathing Air Systems
will Test for:
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Oil Vapour
Particulate Mater
and more ...

BAS also tests your system's air quality for moisture content. Most labs don't test for moisture since moisture content is not listed as a consideration of breathing purity, however, moisture can seriously effect the useful life and safety of your breathing air equipment.

If air quality testing indicates that your air meets all appropriate safety standards, we will provide a verification certificate for your records. If your breathing air quality does not meet standards, we will provide a full written report including the test results and providing possible solutions to the problem. After correcting the problem, our lab will perform a retest.

Sample Air Quality Analysis Report

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