Control Components

The following is a selection of control components available from Breathing Air Systems.

In-line Valve with Burst Disk

Pressure Gauge with Guard

Single Outlet Valve
with Burst Disk


Regulator Adjusment Screw

Bauer Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch


Delay Timer


Pressure Gauge
with Panel Mounting Bracket

Panel Mounting Brackets

Pressure Gauge with
Panel Mounting Bracket

CGA 346 x Male NPT Adaptor

Drain Valve

Hour Meter

Burst Disc

Bleed Block with Screw

Back Pressure Regulator

CGA 347 Nut and Nipple

CGA 346 Nut and Nipple

SCUBA Yoke with Bleed Block

Regulator Repair Kit

SCUBA to SCBA Adaptor

Valve Repair Kit

Panel Valve

Optional Panel Mount Available
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