Visual Inspection Supplies

In addition to training your staff to do visual cylinder inspections, Breathing Air Systems can supply all the tools required to do proper cylinder inspections.

Proper standardized visual inspections are a key element in the proper maintenance of gas cylinders, and the inspection of cylinder neck threads is an important part of the process. Yet even the best trained and most experienced technician can miss or wrongly diagnose small imperfections, such as hairline cracks and folds in the neck/shoulder area of aluminum cylinders using hydrostatic testing alone.

Visual Plus is a non-destructive testing (NDT) device which utilizes electromagnetic eddy currents to detect neck and shoulder cracks, folds or other similar imperfections in aluminum cylinders such as scuba, SCBA (all metal, hoop-wrap or full wrap), beverage, medical, industrial gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, etc.

The Visual Plus station from
Advanced Inspection Technology is the only eddy current inspection device both used and recommended by Luxfer Gas Cylinders.

The following is a list of other supplies BAS can provide.

Tank Holder
This device clamps to your working service and holds your tank in place while you work. In this clamp the cylinder will not rotate.

Master Pit Reference Plate (PSI-101)
This exclusive precision tool, with eight critical reference depths, helps compare pit depths to the standards.

Pick / End Probes - Set of two (PSI-102)
Straight and angles inspection probes extend your eyes and your fingers into the cylinder. One designed for the sidewalls and the other for the bottom.

Welt Probe (PSI-103)
Essential for locating and assessing depth of corrosion on the exterior of the cylinder. Constructed with harden steel.

Shoulder Mirror - 2x Mag (PSI-104)
Small magnifying mirror to view interior neck and threaded area. Small enough to fit SCBA cylinders.

Inspection Evaluation Forms (PSI-107)
2-part carbonless evaluation form. Allows the inspector to provide a copy of the inspection to the customer. A professional touch to any inspection.

Crack Inspection Sticker (PSI-108)
Identifies cylinders that have been specifically inspected for cracking. Punch out month and year.

Evidence Of Inspection Stickers (PSI-109)
A Scuba industry standard. This sticker identifies cylinders that have been internally and externally inspected to PSI and CGA standards within the past twelve months. Punch out month and year.

Nitrox E.O.I. Stickers (PSI-109N)
Same as above but also identifies that the cylinder has been prepared for oxygen concentrations from 22% up to 40%.

A Guide To Inspecting Cylinders - Text Book
(PSI-110) this text book written by William High, founder of PSI. Inc., provides an in depth look at inspecting cylinders. Provided to all participants of the PSI Cylinder Inspection Course.
* Note: this text makes reference to US acts and regulations only.

Luxfer SCBA Inspection Manuals - 2 Vol. Set.
This SCBA Inspection Manual set provides information pertaining to the visual inspection and repair of SCBA cylinders manufactured from 1972 to present. It includes color pictures of examples of damage, corrosion, cracking, tap stop marks, burns, and much more. If you use Luxfer Cylinders, then this set is a must. It includes information not currently in the CGA C-6.2 standard.

Inspector T-Shirt, Gray (PSI-113)
Large, Fabulous, Colored PSI Logo covers the back of the shirt. Includes the words “PSI Inspector”
* Available in Lg, XL, XXL sizes

Multi-Bulb Inspection Lights
Available in
10” - SCBA 20” - SCUBA
30” - Storage and 130+ cu. ft. Scuba
These multi-bulb inspect lights are the most popular inspection light in use. Compact design with an inline on/off switch make this light extremely popular for cylinder inspection.

Drop Lite - Inspection Light
110 v AC operation, with transformer to 12v. Single bulb, high intensity, with an acrylic protective cover. Transformer is inline and standard length is 20 feet.

Pelican Inspection Light (1900-CARD)
Hand held 2-AAA light with angled optical tube for direction of light.

Bright Light - High Intensity (PSI-115)
This high intensity, krypton bulb light designed primarily for crack inspection and illumination of small cylinders. Designed with a flexible thin diameter lamp extension to allow for maximum illumination with minimum obstruction.

Dow 111 Lubricant (DOW-111)
This food grade silicone lubricant is recommended by most cylinder and valve manufacturers for valve installation in both SCUBA and SCBA.

Other inspection supplies are available. Please call for details and pricing.
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