Breathing Air Compressor Maintenance Program

Breathing Air Systems has a semi-annual maintenance program available to test your compressor equipment's performance, operational efficiency, and air quality.

- Longer Compressor Life
- Reduced Liability
- Safer Operation


  - 24 Hour Emergency Service.
  - Custom Designed Fill Panels
     and Filtration Systems.
  - Cylinder Visual Inspections
  - Hydrostatic Testing of both
     B.A. and Storage Cylinders

INCLUDED: (Twice Yearly)
  - Oil and Oil Change in Compressor
  - Change of Filter Cartridges
    (based on hours of operation)
  - Air Purity Check As Per
  - C.F.M. Output Flow Analysis
  - Oil Pressure Check and Adjustment
  - Lubrication of Oil Pump Chain
  - Maximum Pressure Checks
  - Inspection & Adjustment of
    Drive Belt
  - Inspection and Tightening (if
    required) of all Head and
    Cylinder bolts, etc.
  - All Mileage and Routine Labour
  - Complete, Signed 30 Point
    Check List
  - A Maintenance, Repair, and Fill
    Log Book

(Available by request)
  - Motor or Engine Maintenance
  - Hydrostatic Testing of Storage
  - Parts, if needed
  - Routine Filter Changes which
    are required between Calls
  - Labour for other than Routine
  - Emergency Service Calls

For Owners of the following brands:
   - Jordair
   - Bauer
   - Jmar
   - Mako
   - Eagle
   - Ingersol-Rand

Important Excerpts from the CAN-Z180.1 Standards:
4.3.8 Air produced by the breathing air system shall be submitted for purity analysis....every 6 months. Additional analysis shall be required following major overhaul modifications or extensive repairs to breathing air systems.

4.3.9 Additional maintenance of the compressor and purification systems shall be carried out every 6 months, or more frequently as needed.

4.6.5 A log of periodic replacement of the purification sorbent media shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and specifications. The purification sorbent media and chemicals shall be replaced as a complete set and a log kept.

5.3.3 Cylinders shall be inspected externally before each fill and internally at least once per year. Cylinders fitted with a boot and those used in salt water or other corrosive environments shall be inspected at least once every 3 months.


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