The following is a list of products B.A.S. currently supplies. Note: we also list used equipment as well.

JORDAIR COMPRESSORS - Jordair holds the distinction of being the only completely CSA approved compressor on the market.

BAS offers several different fill stations from completely enclosed to semi-enclosed. We can supply fill stations manufactured by Jordair or we can custom build to your specifications.

Several styles of fill panel are available from wall mounted to portable.

BAS carries a wide variety of high pressure air storage cylinders and SCUBA cylinders.

To meet your maintenance and upgrade needs, BAS carries a large inventory of high pressure fittings.

Specialty compressor lubricants, either petroleum based or synthetic are available and in inventory at all times.

Most modern air filtration systems utilize disposable chemical cartridges. Some dive shops still prefer to use bulk chemicals to repack their own steel towers or to use repackable stainless liners within aluminum housings. BAS carries a large inventory of both repacking materials and cartridges to meet you filtration requirements.

We carry filtration tower cartridges from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Many standard SCBA and SCUBA air fill assemblies are available or we can configure to meet specialty requirements.

A wide array of control components are available to meet your reconfiguration or upgrading needs.

From time to time BAS has used equipment for sale. Check our used equipment page or contact our sale staff for more information

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