PSI Cylinder Inspection Course

Become a Trained Cylinder Visual Inspector

PSI, Inc offers the finest technical training in the world today for inspectors of SCUBA, SCBA and certain other high-pressure cylinders. Technicians who frequently work with cylinders and educators who train people to use these cylinders should receive this formal training. PSI classes are open to all persons age 18 and older.

In only 8 hours individuals learn to identify unsafe cylinders, understand safe policies for filling cylinders and steps to qualify a cylinder for continued service. PSI provides full support for people it trains with inspecting tools and technical assistance.

For information on course scheduling, pricing, and technical support, Contact Breathing Air Systems at:


Breathing Air Systems has two PSI certified instructors in-house to train your staff to do proper visual inspections. BAS also has three additional inspectors available to do cylinder inspections.

The CSA Z180.1 Compressed Breathing Air - Occupational Health and Safety standard requires that air samples be taken twice a year and certified by a CSA approved laboratory. This same standard also requires compressor servicing twice yearly and, that all breathing air cylinders have annualinternal cylinder inspection.

The CSA Z94.4 Selection, Use and Care of Respirators - Occupational Health and Safety standard specifically requires the annual internal visual inspection of all Aluminum, Steel, and Fibre Reinforced Cylinders used for breathing air.

CSA Z180.1 and CSA Z94.4 standards are recognized as a minimum standard of practice by provincial Departments' of Labour. In most provinces these standards have been adopted and are the law.

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